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Product Review: Grayl Water Filtration Cup [PICS]

All images via Micah Sargent

Heading into the outdoors without clean drinking water or a water filtration system could be a recipe for disaster. Check the bottom of the post for a discount code on the Grayl Water Filtration Cup.

At the very least, drinking unfiltered water can cause upset stomach and diarrhea and, in extreme cases, death. Anyone venturing into the wilderness without a quality water filtration device is literally taking their life into their own hands.

Those who've gone through a bout of giardia will tell you that water filtration is one of the most important parts of an outdoor expedition.

Water filtration devices come in many forms, including chemical treatments, UV treatments, and filters.

One of the newest and most innovative water filtration systems on the market is the Grayl Water Filtration Cup.

grayl 1

The system uses a combination of filters, activated carbon, and pressure to make any water safe to drink.

The cup works like a French press. Simply fill the cup with water, insert the filter, and press down to ensure clean and taste-free drinking water.

grayl 2

I tested the Grayl Water Filtration Cup in several bodies of water near my home and was impressed with the results. Even when I intentionally used muddy water or water from a suspect source, the Grayl system turned out clear and pure drinking water in seconds.

The Grayl system utilizes different filters based on the type of water being filtered. A blue filter is used to remove chlorine, lead, and other contaminants from tap water by harnessing the adsorption power of activated carbon.

The other filters in the Grayl line utilize Grayl's patented G3 Filtration Media. The system combines mesh traps that capture disease-causing germs, activated carbon to eliminate heavy metals and chemicals, and an anti-microbial agent to suppress mold, mildew, and bacteria between uses.

grayl 3

Hitting the trail in North America? The green "trail" filter will keep you safe no matter where you find water. The orange "international" filter takes the longest to use (still only 30 seconds,) but provides safe drinking water anywhere in the world by eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, protozoan cysts, and viruses that could turn your trip of a lifetime into a nightmare.

The only downside to the Grayl Water Filtration Cup was its weight. The empty bottle and filter weighed 1.13 pounds, which is much heavier than a lightweight plastic bottle and chemical purifying drops.

But the system is perfect for a day hike or other expedition where shedding every possible ounce is not a priority.

grayl 4

Overall, the Grayl Water Filtration Cup is a great product that will provide outdoorsmen and women with clean and safe drinking water they need to keep going on their outdoor adventures.

You can purchase your own Grayl Water Filtration Cup or get replacement filters at

Discount Code

Also, until September 30, 2015, you can get a 10% discount plus the already-free U.S. shipping by using the promo code OPENSPACES.

All images via Micah Sargent

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Product Review: Grayl Water Filtration Cup [PICS]