Yep: Keith Warren Put A Thermal Scope On His Dragon Claw Air Rifle And Killed A Hog With It

Yep: Keith Warren Put a Thermal Scope on His Dragon Claw Air Rifle and Killed a Hog With It

Keith Warren took his Dragon Claw air rifle to the next level by mounting a thermal scope on it and took it on a night hog hunt in Texas.

Keith tested out his Dragon Claw air rifle on a whitetail deer hunt up in Saskatchewan back in 2016. Well, he decided to take things to the next level with the Dragon Claw by mounting a thermal scope on it and testing it out on a night hog hunt in Texas.

The Dragon Claw air rifle can use either a .50 caliber pellet or a special arrow. On this particular hunt, he decided to use the arrow. You need to see what that arrow did to that big boar that ended up on the wrong end of it.

Pretty cool, right? Since it's so much quieter than an unsuppressed rifle, the sound of a Dragon Claw air rifle probably doesn't agitate the hogs nearly as much as a gun shot. If he would have been so inclined, I'll bet Keith could have shot another hog or two with the air rifle after things settled down a little.

If you watch very closely at the 1:44 mark of the video, you can actually see the hog pee a little in surprise when the arrow hits.

In addition to picking up little details like that, a good set of thermal optics also makes tracking and finding a hog after the shot a whole lot easier. Did you notice how easy it was to spot all the blood on the ground? Blood trailing an animal at night is often a pretty difficult task, but a good thermal scope takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Nice work Keith!

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