You Need To See Keith Warren Bag A Record Book Whitetail With A Dragon Claw Air Rifle

You Need to See Keith Warren Bag a Record Book Whitetail with a Dragon Claw Air Rifle

Check out the size of this monster northwestern whitetail Keith Warren took with his new Dragon Claw Air Rifle up in Saskatchewan.

There's nothing like taking a new toy out into the woods on a hunt to see how it does. Well, Keith Warren did exactly that in this video where he tests out his new Dragon Claw Air Rifle on a deer hunt at the Hartland Ranch in Saskatchewan on an early season deer hunt.

Made by Air Venturi, the Dragon Claw Air Rifle is one of the coolest innovations to hit the market in the air rifle industry. It can launch a .50 caliber pellet or a special arrow (similar to the one Jim Shockey killed a bison with) at velocities in excess of 500 feet per second! Capable of achieving over 230 pounds of muzzle energy, the Dragon Claw Air Rifle really hits hard!

Watch the video to see how the Dragon Claw performed on one of those monster northern whitetails:

Is that a big deer or what? That could very well be the biggest deer ever killed with an air rifle. Nice work Keith!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see Keith Warren test out the Dragon Claw on some feral hogs next.

Here's a word to the wise: check your local hunting regulations before you take a Dragon Claw Air Rifle (or any air rifle for that matter) big game hunting. Though they're usually permitted for small game hunting, many states do not allow hunters to pursue big game like deer, bear, and elk with air rifles.

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