Yeah, That’s a Guy Water Skiing Behind a Snowmobile

If you're going to drive a snowmobile one the water you may as well drag a friend behind you right?

Intrepid? foolish? Stout-of-heart? Never doubt the ability of thrill seekers to push the bounds of safety to try and conquer the bucket list!

Enter two dudes with some perfect glass water and a full tank to put together some great video and maybe push the limits of reason to do it. Would you try this?

Here's the video:

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Can you say slalom?!

Certainly these guys are wearing some protective gear like a dry suit, but it's a little hard to tell as they go by in such short order. Next time post the start as well!

Did he get up on one ski or drop one? Snowmobiles don't exactly float so how do you get the snowmobile going and get a skier up at the same time without snapping his neck??

Tag a friend that would try this!