X Electrical Vehicle Debuts the LSEV, a 3D-Printed Car

Small Italy-based manufacturer X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) has unveiled a 3D-printed vehicle, called LSEV. 

Specifications include a paltry top speed of 45 mph (70 kilometers) and a 90 mile (150 kilometers). According to XEV, the vehicle is made of nylon, comprising only 57 parts (most cars have over 2000), with all of its components 3D-printed except for its chassis, windows, and tires.


"XEV is the first real mass production project using 3D printing," said Dr. Luo Xiaofan, co-founder, and CEO of Polymaker, in a statement. "By saying real, I mean there are lots of companies using 3D printing for production, but nothing can really compare with XEV in terms of the size, the scale, and the intensity."

On the production side, X Electrical Vehicle claims a 3-day turnaround in manufacturing an entire LSEV. At the moment, the company is in talks with manufacturing facilities to establish a base for production before it goes to the market by 2019. It will cost approximately $7,500.

Initial reports have seen roughly 700 LSEV pre-orders to date, with the majority of them coming from Italian postal company Poste Italiane (5000 vehicles) along with a 2000-vehicle order from ARVAN, a BNP Paribas-owned car-sharing service.