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Wyoming Whitetail Leaves Gnarly Blood Trial After Arrow Impact

Filmed in Wyoming, this video captures an excellent bow hunting shot and the resulting thick blood trail.

This bowhunter makes an excellent shot on a 9pt whitetail, scoring a visible blood trail you have to see to believe.

Watch his near perfect shot and the resulting blood trail, allowing for an easy harvest.

In case you missed it this video was filmed on September 20th in western Wyoming. Luckily for this hunter he was able to fill his tag on his first outing. Although he had the deer in the right spot, it was the precise shot that was important in the hunt.

Did you see how the wound gushed blood as the deer ran? This make for an easily visible blood trail as the deer ran from the site of impact. Not that it really mattered the deer went down in the field right by the tree stands anyway.

The only thing that would have made this harvest easier would have been the presence of snow. That way the hunter would have had an even clearer blood trial to follow. None the less, keep in mind what made this hunt successful was the accuracy of the shooter.


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Wyoming Whitetail Leaves Gnarly Blood Trial After Arrow Impact