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Two Michigan Buck Tags Filled in Under a Minute

This Michigan bowman lands two beasts during deer season, filling both his tags in less than a minute.

Filmed in southern Michigan, this astonishingly impressive video captures two once in a lifetime shots on deer using a bow.

Watch this hunter fill both his deer tags in seconds, and share in his excitement of a commendable accomplishment.

This hunt took place on October 4 and 5, and on the morning of the kill it was 73 degrees with 90% humidity. According to the YouTube user, he used a Hoyt Maxxis bow to take these deer. In case you don't know, you're allowed two bucks in Michigan.

The Michigan Double totaled of 237" of bone and were taken only 37 seconds apart, filling both the hunter's tags. For most this is something that has never been seen before; this is hunting history.

Did you see the hunter's reaction following the successful kills? It was infectious to see such thrill and satisfaction after a amazing couple shots. Luckily for everyone this hunter has his buddy filming, and now no one can wait for deer season again.



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Two Michigan Buck Tags Filled in Under a Minute