If Pets Had Olympic Games, These 10 Competitions Would Be Epic

If pets had their own Olympic sports, the events might look a little different.

The Olympics are just around the corner. While it's fun to tune into beach volleyball, we wouldn't mind watching an Olympic sporting event of Epic Fetch played by dogs of all sizes.

There's a Puppy Bowl at the same time as the Super Bowl, but pets are lacking a full 16 days of events. We are aiming to change that. Here is what the 2016 Pet Olympics would look like!

Eating Contest

Would a pig or guinea pig take home the gold?

Backfloat Racing

Could anyone beat a hedgehog?


If the stick is bigger than the animal, he probably wins.


Free Diving

Did we mention it's free diving through air?

Rock Climbing

Goats would surely snag all three medals.


Tree Climbing

This comp is a toss up between cats and goats.

Mud Wrestling

Pigs are a shoo-in.



Well, this one's all up to the birds.


Though the turtle remains conspicuous, it is somewhat hidden!



A show horse might win this one.

What do you think? Who would be the Michael Phelps of the Pet Olympics? Would a pig take home the most gold medals? Cats may be tough contenders.

Our pets are gymnasts and track stars in the yard and around the house. Maybe it's time they have their own Olympic Trials and become the true Olympians we know them to be!

Wouldn't this be a popular competition with all pet owners? Even the turtle gets to participate and has a shot at a medal. Where would the host city be located? With that in mind, perhaps a winter Olympics makes more sense? The warmer summer temperatures may eliminate some important breeds in the fetch category.

We should partner with the humane society and have rescues that need homes participate for extra exposure. Stray dogs should also be allowed to participate so they have a shot are a forever home too. Which of the rescue dogs would be contenders for team USA? There are so many rescue dogs with the potential to be a gold medalist in freestyle, snowboarding (joking), and which dog is the winning skier?

The Olympic Games takes on a whole new meaning and anyone that supports animal rights will love this dog-Olympics.