would you hike angel's landing

Would You Hike Angel's Landing?

There are some hikes that even mountain goats might fear.

Angel's Landing in Utah is certainly one of those places. Watch this video and ask yourself would you hike Angel's Landing?

Many of us are not fans of extreme heights. A lot of us downright fear it. Well this hike just might not be for us.

In a video shared by UNILAD Adventure on Facebook  we see such place. Angel's Landing in Utah is high up and quite icy. One slip here and you will bounce down the mountain quite a ways. Your only help for this hike is your gear, ability and a chain fence that is in spots along the trail. Like those odds? Well then this might be the hike for you after all.

Remember when taking on any risky trail or adventure take your time and use your head. If you don't your head just might split from a long tumble down a mountain.