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Sunken Alaskan Truck Retrieved from Its Icy Tomb

Well this is certainly an ‘oops’ moment of epic proportions.

This towing company was called to pull out of the water a sunken truck in Alaska.

Watch as Happy Hooker Towing in Alaska rescues a sunken truck.

Well it is wise to check how thick the ice is before you drive you truck out onto it, and this pickup truck owner did not do this.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game called Wade Behm and his son Eric of Happy Hooker Towing to rescue a truck at the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge. This truck driver decided to drive down a partially frozen creek and the rest of the story is an epic fail.

Weep a tear for this Ford pickup truck as we are certain the damage is quite extensive.



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Sunken Alaskan Truck Retrieved from Its Icy Tomb