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Daredevils Conquer the Top of the Matterhorn [VIDEO]

The Matterhorn is way up in the clouds but these daredevil climbers are up for the challenge.

At nearly 15,000 feet high, this mountain is not for those of us who don’t like heights.

Watch this dizzying video and ask yourself, would I do that?

Some adventurers are like mountain goats when climbing in high places. These fearless men and women laugh in the face of danger. Extreme heights, avalanches, bone-freezing cold and the unknown sway them little from their lofty goals.

For the adventurer who is not a fan of heights, this is a downright scary video.

Those mountain climbers tackle some really sketchy terrain to reach the summit way up in the clouds.

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Daredevils Conquer the Top of the Matterhorn [VIDEO]