World's Best Two-Year-Old Archer Gives Us an Awesome Lesson

This two-year-old archer can really shoot!

If you've been putting off introducing your kids to the sport of archery, watch this short video to see what a two-year-old archer can do.

Good shootin' little man. The growling game face wasn't too bad either.

This two-year-old archer proves that it's never too early to introduce your children to the outdoors. Even before they can walk you can take them hiking in a backpack kid carrier.

Once they're on their own two feet things get even more fun. Some states allow mentored hunters as young as four to hit the woods.

The next time you are out shooting your bow or doing some summer scouting, take your kids along and let them participate. You might spark a passion that lasts a lifetime, which is great because you're going to need someone to drag your bucks out when you're old and feeble.

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