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12-Year-Old Makes a 649-Yard Shot on His First Buck [VIDEO]


Kohl Thomassen runs out of cover while pursuing his first buck and makes an amazing 649-yard shot.

After settling in behind his Gunwerks rifle, Kohl makes a shot that many experienced hunters would have missed.

Watch the video to see how Kohl reacts after harvesting his first buck.

Most hunters remember the excitement they felt when they finally harvested their first buck. However, most people’s first buck is not taken from over 600 yards.

This kid has got what it takes to succeed while hunting in the wide open west, and he has a great buck to show for it.

Introducing kids to the beauties of fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors is integral to the future of our sport.

When you’re ready to take your youngster out on his first hunting trip, make it a memorable one and ensure you’re well taken care of by becoming a member of Fin & Field.

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12-Year-Old Makes a 649-Yard Shot on His First Buck [VIDEO]