World Record Non-Typical American Elk Gets Confirmation

Here's your new world record non-typical American elk, taken by a bowhunter last year in Canada.

Official word came from the Pope and Young Club that the new world record non-typical American elk was set with a bull that scored 449 4/8" and is now the largest of its kind taken with a bow in North America. The elk was arrowed by Shawn O'Shea on September 14, 2020 in Minburn County, Alberta.

The confirmation was made at a Special Panel of Judges in Alberta, Canada, which included measurers Heath Dreger, Bill Deyo, Joyce Lorenz, Mike Halirewich, and P&Y Records Committee member Pat McKenzie.

The final score on the bull's antlers surpasses the previous world record by 7 4/8".

World-Record Elk and a World Class Story

The story is about as good as it gets, and involved a close range encounter after a long, slightly mysterious history with this particular bull.

"Routine examinations of trail cameras rendered interesting snapshots of the nocturnal 8 x 7 bull elk," O'Shea's on record as saying. "As of yet it had not been seen in other hunts or scouting trips, and interest only grew as time went on like this. The few pictures caught by camera served only as teasers, you had to but look at the photos to realize the massive potential of this animal."

He then recalled, "On the 13th (September), I heard him fighting with another bull and tried to get in close, only to be halted by the dark. Hoping to get a glance the next morning, I set out and was once again treated to a no show. The evening hike in proved promising at first due to an abundance of fresh bull rut activity. Once in place, I tried a few locator calls with no responses. I then set up in a ground blind near a frequently used trail with fresh sign. Eventually the bull appeared to my left at only 30 yards, seemingly planning his next move. He stood for 3 to 5 minutes, with the wind in my favor. In a compromising position, I waited until a draw would not spook the bull. He then closed the gap to 18 yards, and I was able to draw and make the shot count."

Now that this new North American big game bowhunting record has been set,

To provide some further info on the record-keeping process, Pope & Young had this to say:

This World Record Non-Typical American Elk has been entered into the 32nd recording period representing entries accepted into the P&Y Records Program from January 1st, 2019, to December 31st, 2020. At the close of every biennial recording period, numerical awards and honorable mentions are awarded to the most outstanding bow-harvested animals in each species category that have been entered during this two-year recording period. New World Records are verified and proclaimed, and awards are presented to these outstanding animals during the Pope and Young Club's Biennial Convention and Awards Banquet.

Word has it the big bull's mount will be invited for display at the Pope and Young Convention in Reno, Nevada, which will run from July 14-17, 2021.