Images via Pope & Young Club

Pope and Young Club Officially Declares a New World Record Non-Typical Whitetail

It's now official: the new World Record non-typical whitetail deer has been added to the books.

We brought you the story of Luke Brewster's non-typical whitetail deer shot during Illinois' 2018 archery season, and after official measurements, the big buck has been placed atop the record books as the highest scoring world class deer of its kind, ever.

The official declaration came during a special panel of expert measurers and club officials on March 1, 2019, changing the history of the American whitetail world record holder.

The deer was harvested Edgar County in early November, and its non-typical rack had a final score of 327 7/8". The Boone and Crockett Club is also expected to make this the official record holder for a non-typical buck in their books, as officials from both clubs were on hand for the special panel.

"The Brewster buck has been verified as the new Pope and Young World Record with a score of 327 7/8," said Eli Randall, Director of Records for the Pope and Young Club. "The two panels consisted of seven measurers and was overseen by the Panel Chairman. This group represented over 217 years of combined measuring experience. After over eight hours, this incredible whitetails score became official. Congratulations to Luke and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for practicing sound wildlife management."

Measurers on hand included Stan Zirbel, Gil Hernandez, Kyle Lehr, Ken Witt, Ricky Krueger, Jack Reneau, Eli Randall, and Panel Chairman Ed Fanchin.

"I headed to Omaha with a good feeling but still a tad nervous on how the scorers were going to make calls," said Luke Brewster. "I knew it was scored very conservatively on the initial entry form by measurer Tim Walmsley, but you never know. After a day and a half of waiting in anticipation, Eli Randall informed me of the new panel verified score. I was sent into shock once again as the score increased 7 2/8" from the original entry. Unbelievable. All I can say is that I'm very blessed."

Brewster's big game harvest of a lifetime surpasses the previous World Record non-typical whitetail shot by Michael Beatty in 2000 by an incredible 33 inches. It is 15 inches higher than Stephen Tucker's 312-inch monster from Tennessee a few years ago.

Illinois deer hunting has made its mark, as the biggest non-typical ever hunted was able to call the state its home.

A Boone and Crockett record is the sort of thing hunters dream of, and Brewster made it a reality with this monster buck.