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Possible New World Record Moose Harvested in Alaska

world record moose

An absolute giant of moose goes down in Alaska. Israel Payton may have his hands on the new world record moose.

World record animals being harvested always gain a lot of attention. Of course, a moose is not going to catch the attention that a world record whitetail would, but a record is sure to turn some heads.

And the news of a new world record moose being broke is doing just that.

Israel Payton, an Alaskan, may have just harvested the world record moose with a successful hunt on this whopping bull. It is said the bull is coming in at an incredible score of 80 inches.

In an article and interview with KTUU, Israel gave some insight on the hunt.

"We tried to stand it up with cow calls, bull rakes, and grunts," said Payton over the phone. "I guesstimated it was about a 70 inch rack from the field, and finally after 2 hours it stood up and offered a clean kill, harvested it."

"You always get a big adrenaline rush right before you harvest an animal, anyway I do," said Payton. "When I got up next to the animal I realized how big and massive it truly was."

He also stated that he had originally saw the bull from about 600 yards away and closed the distance to 200 yards to get in range for a shot. But the bull then bedded down and made the hunters wait two hours before presenting an ethical opportunity.

More details on the hunt are hard to come by at the moment, so you just hope it isn't a story that is getting fabricated. It seems a little strange that more photos aren't being presented of the moose, but hopefully those will come soon. Time will tell, and hopefully we will soon know if it officially gets ruled the new world record moose.

One other photo that has been circulating is from an individual who got to score and touch the rack. Below is the photo and his comments regarding the giant of a trophy. Also is the quote from his Facebook post on the magnificent moose.

world record moose
Aaron Bloomquist
I was honored tonight to measure what may truly be the most impressive moose ever killed on earth. It has too many extras to approach the B&C WR and no scoring system appreciates the weight and thickness of palms. This will score VERY high SCI, if my math holds up but numbers don't do it justice other than the weight. It weighs #115!!! A clean moose skull weighs about 15#, that means there is close to 100# of antler on this thing... unprecedented! Those of you that buy and collect moose sheds know that a 30# shed is almost unheard of. This guy has a couple of them in the 40s! It has it all, 80" wide, long and wide palms, and just enough junk. It is a couple inches thick in some areas of the palms! I have been in the same room with #1-3 B&C over the years and none of them come close to impressing like this thing! Thanks Israel for letting me spend some time with it!
A moose that size is sure to fill many freezers for a loooong time. Outstanding bull to say the least.

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Possible New World Record Moose Harvested in Alaska