Is Axis Deer the Perfect Off-Season Hunt for Deer Hunters?

Deer hunters, consider your off-season salvaged.

Let's face it: the off-season sucks. If you're like many of us, you're either hunting or your thinking about hunting. The nine-month period between January and September can be brutal. And, stuck smack dab in the middle of the off-season is the perfect summer weather, calling us to enjoy the outdoors.

Many of us in the United States spend time practicing our shooting skills in our backyards. When we go back inside, we just stare at that European mount from last year, counting down the days. However, it doesn't have to be this way year after year.

Texas hunting season


Consider the axis deer. You can hunt this spotted deer year-round in Texas. With an appearance similar to a whitetail fawn, this native of India is also known as a chital deer. They were originally brought to places in the United States where the climate mimics that of their native habitat. This includes locations like Texas, the Hawaiian islands and other warm-weather areas like southern California.

States like Texas, where the animal is considered exotic, allow for year-round hunting. With both summer and winter mating seasons, these deer offer a number of different hunting options for those willing to put in the work.

Debatably more skittish than their whitetail cousins, these deer are a fantastic animal for the die-hard hunter to pursue. Of course, there are high-fence operations where you can work as hard or as easy as you'd like. But, a free-range axis deer is surely a trophy.

An axis deer typically boasts antlers that soar upward with three points per side. Their red hides are covered in white spots, and their body length and mass mimic a well-fed whitetail or mule deer. Axis deer produce lean, high-quality meat, so you'll reap the benefits at the dinner table, too.

Out-of-state hunters can chase these majestic animals for as little as a five-day non-resident hunting license, as no tags are required.

Go ahead and enjoy your off-season!

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