450 Pound Bear
YouTube: Bear Masters Outfitters

Hunter Smokes 450-Pound Boone and Crockett Class Black Bear

This black bear is a true giant!

Boone and Crockett class black bears simply do not come around every day. The minimum to get into the record book is a skull of at least 21 inches. That is a huge head for any bear, let another a black bear. Very few hunters get the chance to harvest an animal that large in a lifetime, let alone on film.

The hunter in today's video is one of the lucky ones to harvest the bruin of a lifetime. These hunters are set up close on some bait and the first bears you will see are no slouches either. However, it seems these guys have their hearts set on one specific animal.

That bear is true giant. An old forest warrior weighing a whopping 450 pounds. At 12 yards, this hunt is a chip shot for a firearm and the hunter makes a nice clean kill on this monster.

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This hunt worked out to absolute perfection. The bruins were hungry and were hitting the bait and the hunters were up close and personal on this one. At that distance, there is no excuse for missing with a rifle and the hunter made a perfect shot. We are amazed the bear ran anywhere after a hit like that.

Of course, the size of this animal is not immediately obvious until the recovery when the guy picks this beast's head up. You just do not see a black bear of this size every day. We agree that this was an older bruin with worn down teeth. He may not have had many years left and has had plenty of time to pass his genes on. A prime candidate for harvest.

According to the outfitter's website, this hunt took place in Manitoba, Canada, which is one of THE places to go if you are looking to harvest a true giant of a bear. If this does not get you pumped up for the spring bear seasons, nothing will!