Pack of Wolves
Facebook: Craig Kavajecz

Trail Camera Footage Shows Pack of Wolves in Deer Hunting Spot

Wolves can really hit deer populations hard.

When wolves pack up, big game is no match for these killers. For most hunters, the howling of wolves on their land is harbinger of dread. Because they know wolves mean trouble and they have no qualms about taking down anything they can catch.

Here we have some stunning game camera footage of a whole pack of wolves on the hunt.

Check out the footage below to see every hunter's worst nightmare come true.

Seeing fewer deer this season? Well a pack of predators this size or larger just may be devouring your game. It is fairly rare to catch a whole pack like this during broad daylight. It looks like they were on the prowl for their next meal doesn't it? We feel sorry for any deer unlucky enough to cross paths with them.

A single wolf is a formidable predator on its own. Now, combine multiple wolves, and their killing power increases to large game with no issues. The video may shock you, or it may not surprise you at all. At least eight wolves by our count make their way down this trail in search of prey. Even a healthy deer is going to have a hard time escaping odds like that. Truly a team of killers and some of nature's most perfect predators.

Most hunters cannot do much about wolves as they are under federal protection in many areas. Most wolf hunting seasons have been limited at best. It's a different story for coyotes. Some states are so overrun that they are getting non-game distinctions. That means open season 24/7 with no restrictions. Check your local regulations before heading out predator hunting. However, if coyotes are in your hunting territory, let them know who's boss. If not, expect to see less game next season.