YouTube: ChocolateDaisy

Hunters Shoot Charging Bear, Barely Avoid Getting Mauled

Everyone knows how dangerous bears can be if they decide to charge. We hear plenty of stories about the strength and ferocity when they charge humans with an intent to kill. It's a behavior that is rarely captured on camera. Because of that, it's difficult to explain to hunters, fishermen, and campers exactly what to be prepared for when a bear shifts into kill mode. This old footage captures one of these rare charges. We're not sure what the hunters are saying. It's unclear where the footage was even shot. However, the camera quickly zooms in on a spot in the forest when a bear suddenly comes charging out of the brush. It stumbles a bit over a log, but then starts coming for the hunters at full bore.

The next thing you hear is a series of shots and the bruin drops dead. Again, we're not sure what the hunters are saying, but it's clear the job isn't done when they take a few follow-up shots to finish the bear off. As they approach the animal it appears they used shotguns to take this problem bear down.

This is what nightmares are made of. A giant bear is enough to make anyone shake in fear. While many bears will often make a mock charge intended only to scare a human, this clearly was not one of those. Once the bear hit the ground it was coming at the hunters at full speed with a clear intent to harm. Fortunately for the hunters, they were ready for this animal. It makes us wonder if the bear was already wounded and they were tracking it. Without knowing exactly what they are saying, it's likely we may never know for sure.

In any case, this gives you an idea of the speed and ferocity of a deadly charge. It also underscores the importance of practicing bear safety anytime you are in the woods where bruins might be present. There's no way you can outrun something like this. Your only defense is going to be a good can of bear spray or a bullet.