Woman Trapped Inside Her Car By Owl During Car Rescue. Really.

An injured great horned owl took a Tucson, Arizona, teen hostage in her car.

It's always an uplifting thing to hear about a Good Samaritan story. But what happens when it doesn't go so swimmingly? This month, an unnamed teen driving on Oracle Road in Tucson, Ariz. accidentally struck an owl. Dazed, she retrieved the stunned owl and brought it to her vehicle before the unexpected occurs. The car rescue didn't go according to plan.

Soon after getting inside, the owl clawed and held a firm grip on the steering wheel and the teen's sleeve, preventing her from exiting the vehicle. Soon after, she called Arizona's Game and Fish Department, who advised her to pour water on the owl, which did not help it loosen its grip. After a few minutes, the owl flew out of the vehicle. Car rescue failed, kind of.

Preying to Be Rescued

The great horned owl, known as one of North America's largest owl species, is known for its massive wingspan (60 inches on average) and powerful talons.

The owl was immediately transported to the Tuscon Wildlife Center, Arizona Game and Fish Department to receive treatment to its injured eye.

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