Woman Finds Stray Furry Surprise Cuddling with Some Old Teddy Bears

A British woman got quite a surprise when she went to throw out a bag of old toys.

The woman was doing some cleaning and organizing in her Woldingham, England garage when she noticed that a bag of old toys was moving.

She opened the bag and was shocked to find a little face staring back at her. Snuggled up among some old stuffed animals was a stray ferret.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard was called to the scene to collect the furry surprise. She took the ferret, later named Honey, to a veterinarian for a full exam.

"I think the member of the public who found her had quite a shock when her little face poked out between the teddies. Poor Honey had obviously wanted to find somewhere nice and warm. We don't know if she was abandoned or if she escaped but she had no microchip and no owner was ever traced," said Gillard.




Despite being a little underweight, two-year old Honey was given a clean bill of health. She was transported to the RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Buckinghamshire, where she will be placed for adoption.

We wish this little cutie all the best and hope she finds her forever home soon! Maybe her original owner will even see the story and collect their long lost friend. Share this article to make it happen!

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