python in toilet

Woman Bitten by a 5-Foot Python Hiding in Her Toilet

A woman in Australia will probably never feel safe on a toilet again.

In a story coming out of Brisbane City, Queensland, an Australian woman had a trip to the bathroom she'll never forget.

Helen Richards was simply taking care of business when she felt something unusual.

"I felt this sharp tap on my bottom along with some pain," she told 9 News.

She then jumped off the toilet with her pants down, turning around to find a 5-foot carpet python, which she initially thought was a longneck turtle retreating back into the toilet.

Richards immediately called in professionals to come remove the snake, who stressed that calling was the best thing she could've done.

python in toilet

Here's the post the local Snake Catchers Brisbane group shared on Facebook following the incident.

"Fortunately for us, the customer remained calm and remembered not to flush the toilet, as flushing could cause the snake to retreat down into the pipes again," a post on Facebook read. "The snake was safely removed and relocated, and the customer handled the situation like an absolute champ, having a sense of humour about it the entire time. She said her toilet habits have forever changed! Lights will be on, and she will always give the bowl a quick glance before sitting down."

We can definitely understand that last part! Going to the bathroom would never be the same after finding a snake hiding in the toilet! However, this post raises a great point, as it's always better to call in the experts, as opposed to trying to handle wildlife impulsively.

Since it was fortunately a non-venomous python, Richards was fine after treating the two small wounds from the bite.