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Wolves Completely Surround Group of Elk Hunters

What do you do when a pack of predators surrounds you?

Elk hunters can turn from predator to prey in a flash when they become surrounded by a pack of wolves. The hunt showcased in this video starts out like any other elk hunt, but the stakes get high when not one, but several, wild wolves close in on the hunters.

An encounter like this doesn't happen often, but it certainly can, so hunters should be prepared. Wolves live and thrive in the same places as elk and whitetail, so there's always the possibility of running into one while out there. Wolf populations are growing throughout North America, and with that, is the likelihood of human/wolf encounters.

The chances of a wolf attacking a human are slim, but not zero. If a wolf is hungry, injured, or ill, with rabies, for example, it could show unusual aggression. Take precautions to avoid entanglements with wolves. But know what to do in case you do see one.

If you do happen to see a wolf in the wilderness, do not show your fear. Never turn and run. Try to act aggressively and show dominance. Yell, stomp, and make noise. If a wolf attacks, cover your neck and face. If it is a viable option, climb a tree and wait for the wolves to leave the area.

During this encounter, the hunter continues to film and (as far as we can tell) doesn't retreat.

Watch the encounter from the point of view of the hunter in the video below:

There were quite a few wolves that showed up to investigate. Unfortunately, we don't know how exactly this ended, but we can confidently say it was time for elk hunting to take a back seat, and more likely than not, this guy definitely had some sweaty palms and jittery nerves. As exciting as elk hunting is, throwing in a pack of wolves is enough to send anyone packing up their things and calling it a day. How do you think you'd react to this situation?

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