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A Close Look at the Wild Wolves of Alaska

wild wolves of Alaska

Wolves are quite a sight in the wild.

The shy and elusive predators were captured on camera by Bruce "Buck" Nelson in the captivating video below.

Bruce "Buck" Nelson is a man at home in the wild. Whether it is living out on an Alaskan island all alone or trekking the entire Lewis and Clark Trail, he has certainly caught great moments on camera.

Among Buck's great camera caught moments are these wild Alaskan wolves. These hot button alpha predators are seldom witnessed in the wilds. The shy predators are caught on Buck's camera doing what they love to do, hunt for food.

A big thank you goes out to Bruce" Buck" Nelson for sharing all of his great videos with us to share with you. Happy trails Buck and we look forward to your future adventures in the wilds.


A Close Look at the Wild Wolves of Alaska