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Huntress Stalked by Wolf While Hunting Elk in Idaho [VIDEO]

A woman out hunting elk in the Idaho backwoods got a scary surprise when a hungry wolf showed up.

This experienced huntress was out hunting the woods in Idaho when a wolf started stalking her. The wolf population in Pierce, Idaho is growing to the point where inhabitants fear for their safety.

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The wolf was quick but Anderson was quicker with her .44 magnum revolver.


Anderson was using a cow call to hopefully lure in a big bull elk but called in a more dangerous predator instead.

With her bow on the ground, she drew her .44 magnum caliber revolver and shot the big wolf in the head. This quick shooting saved her life.

Wolves have become a big problem in the area. They even killed a man's prized hunting dogs and consumed them why they were still alive. Great shooting; predators need to learn to be afraid of humans.



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Huntress Stalked by Wolf While Hunting Elk in Idaho [VIDEO]