William Shatner Demands Action for Declining Thompson River Steelhead Population

Thompson River steelhead are in trouble. Thankfully, Captain Kirk is trying to do something about it. 

One of the bigger names in Hollywood is taking action in the name of fishing conservation.

William Shatner, 86, has just sent a letter to the Canadian federal minister of fisheries, Dominic LeBlanc, to help bring awareness to the issues facing the Thompson River steelhead.

As he stated, there's no reason for the Canadian government to go to committee and have discussions over this issue. The proof is there, and now is the time to act. 

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April Vokey - Fishing Fury

"It is difficult to imagine that the Canadian government would stand idly by, allowing a 'business as usual' approach to prevail when a species is facing extinction," Shatner wrote. "Thompson steelhead, an international treasure, need and deserve your immediate action."

In particular, Shatner called out gill netting by locals in the area. This practice stops adult steelhead from reaching their spawning grounds. Per one study just conducted last month in November, only 145 estimated steelhead actually reached their spawning grounds on this famous British Columbia river.

Thank you Mr. Shatner for doing what you can. As you said, these steelhead are an international treasure and deserve every piece of help they can get.