New York brown trout

This Is When Monster New York Brown Trout Come Out to Play

If you didn't know, there are some world-class New York brown trout.

I recently spent some time fly fishing the Western tributaries of New York. Good Lord, there are some big fish swimming in those waters. If you haven't experienced this fall-fishing bonanza yourself, just check out this video from StreamWalker Nets. Here, you're about to see what New York brown trout fishing is all about when the weather turns colder.

Sure, all these browns are lake runs, but who cares? People come from all over the country to take their chances at a 30-inch brown. It's likely there's no other place in the world with a higher concentration of giant brown trout than New York in the fall. Just watch and see for yourself.

I can't be sure, but I believe I was up there the same time this video was being filmed. The weather was very cold, with both rain and snow. On top of that, recent rains had a lot of the water pretty blown out. However, we certainly caught some fish. It doesn't seem like we caught as many as these guys did, but when the browns are running, everybody catches fish.