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Check Out the Biggest Trout of This YouTuber's Life

biggest trout

If you want to chase the biggest trout in the world, you head to New Zealand. 

When you ask serious trout fishermen where they caught their biggest trout, if they've been to New Zealand, that's where it happened.

In this recent video from YouTube fisherman apbassing, you're going to see just how big these trout get.

I've caught a lot of big fish. To break it down further, I've caught a fair share of what most people would consider big trout. However, nothing I've caught can compare to the beast in this video. Good Lord.

So yeah, that thing is a monster. I have no idea how big that fish really is, but for a place like New Zealand, that's just another big fish. If that rainbow was caught in the states, it would make the news. Just think, rainbows get even bigger than that, too!

Thankfully, it swam off just fine. Perhaps one day that beast right there is going to be the next world record. Give it another few years!


Check Out the Biggest Trout of This YouTuber's Life