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You Will Not Believe the Monster Fish This Guy Catches in a Sewer

Sewer fishing with a net isn't exactly the what comes to mind when you think of sport fishing, but it's absolutely crazy to see what this guy pulls out of the drain.

I'm guessing that this man was walking by the storm drain in his neighborhood and just spotted the fish swimming around. He got out the net, opened the drain and guess what he found:

That is big fish for a storm drain. And with almost no room to operate he just about got his net caught up and that would have been a heck of a pickle to get out of.

The fish he caught is called a northern snakehead. It looks like it was at least 2 foot long and these fish can get huge - up to four feet long, in fact.

They are a nasty invasive species with sharp teeth that prey on native fish and reptiles. They originated from Asia and were believed to be introduced in the U.S. when they were released in the wild by aquarium owners.

Because they can breathe out of water, snakeheads can actually move around in small waterways as we see here in this drainage system. This resilient creature is tough to kill and they have spread out to many states in the northeast U.S.

So if you do happen to see one in a drain, small creek or any waterway, don't practice catch and release.