Broadhead Embedded in Deer Ribcage Shows the Animal's Resiliency

One of the coolest images you have ever seen tells a powerful story of endurance and the drive to live.

Hunt whitetail deer long enough and you will find out that these animals have a drive to survive like no other. Year in and year out, you hear of crazy stories of how a deer will survive a shot or injury that seems almost impossible to overcome.

You can track a deer for miles and see insane amounts of blood to only come up with nothing. But this story is one for the booksa true testament to what a woodland warrior the American whitetail is.

After the image began to surface on social media, we were able to get in contact with Robert Stegall, the current owner of this awesome keepsake piece.

The story dates back to 30 years ago, when a hunter by the name of Jackie Stegall was bowhunting some private land in Anson County, North Carolina, and a four-point buck showed itself.

According to Robert, Jackie's son, "Dad said that the deer acted as normal and only realized that it had been shot before once he started to cape it out."

Seeing a symmetrical rack with no strange antler growth or limp of any kind, Jackie had no idea of what he was about to find. This deer looked as natural and healthy as they came. Once caped, he found something that is pretty incredible and is now catching a lot of attention.

An arrow that had been lodged in this buck's rib cage from previous years was still there, but with some magnificent character.

The warrior instinct of a whitetail kicked in, and the bones began to grow and form around the arrow, resulting in what looks like a natural splint around the broken arrow.

Robert claims it was a Bear Razorhead.

As if the story couldn't get any cooler, Jackie just handed down the magnificent whitetail show piece to his son for his 30th birthday. Robert had been wanting the piece of art for a while now, and he was pleasantly pleased to be gifted one of the coolest birthday presents he has ever gotten from his father (and, in our opinion, one of the coolest presents of all time).

As a die hard bow hunter with great respect for the animal that a whitetail is, I can truly say this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. What an awesome piece to add to his hunting room, and one more slice of evidence to show that the whitetail is a true woodland warrior.

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