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Unbelievably Huge Record Snakehead Caught in Maryland

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Just one look and you know this is a record snakehead. 

Emory Baldwin III was enjoying a night of bowfishing when something absolutely extraordinary took place. Just before he and his buddy were ready to call it a night, they decided to check one last spot looking for blue catfish. Low and behold, a record snakehead was waiting. After a quick release from his compound bow, Baldwin found himself in the record books.

The next morning, Baldwin was able to find out exactly how big his potential record breaking fish actually was. According to the story, he took the fish to a local market in Marbury, Maryland where it was confirmed on certified scales and by local a local DNR official that the Baldwin snakehead was in fact the new state record.

Weighing in at 18.42 pounds, there's no denying the giant size of this fish. Fortunately for Baldwin, Maryland recognizes bowfishing for traditional fishing records for three invasive species of fish: snakeheads, blue catfish, and flatheads. Therefore, even though Baldwin took this fish by alternative means, his record will stand.

Congratulations Mr. Baldwin. That is one incredible fish! Thankfully, that's also one less of an terribly invasive species!


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Unbelievably Huge Record Snakehead Caught in Maryland