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Wide Open Pets Welcomes You to the Magical World of Puptopia!

Ye who enters the magical world of Puptopia shall be forever transformed into a pup lover.

At least that's what we've been told.

Yes, according to our sources, Puptopia is a magical world filled with the cutest pups in all the land. These pups are so cute that once you enter into this magical world, all of the sadness in your life will disappear and you will be forever transformed into a pup lover!

Whatever you do, don't look these pups directly in the eyes because your heart may explode with uncontrollable joy.

So...if you think you are ready for this transcendent experience, scroll on down and take a look:

Special Delivery

Best. Chair. EVER!

Romeo's Got Nothing on the Pups of Puptopia

In Puptopia, the Floor Is as Comfortable as the Bed

Hugs Are a Daily Activity

This Is What Snowflakes Look Like in Puptopia

Unfortunately, There Are Still Baths in Puptopia ?

Allow Me to Introduce You to Ludwig van Barkthoven

Rubber Ducky Slippers and PJs - CHECK!

It's All Palm Trees, Blue Skies, and Fresh Air in Puptopia.

Congratulations! You have survived your first visit to Puptopia. I imagine your heart is now full of puppy love.

I should warn you, however, that now that you are back in the "regular" world you may experience some sadness, as things are not so perfect in the "regular" world, but know that Puptopia will always be there for you.


Did you enjoy your visit to Puptopia? Tell us in the comments!

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