Wide Buck
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Bill Jordan Smokes Unbelievably Wide Texas Buck in Classic Realtree Clip

Bill Jordan's south Texas whitetail has an unreal spread.

Ask many hunters what characteristics they most want to see the antlers of their dream buck and many will cite a wide inside spread. For most hunters, a wide spread usually translates to something in the range of 18-20 inches. That's a wide buck. My own personal best deer stands at just 19 inches. However, there are sometimes bucks that have ridiculous inside spreads that will make any hunter's head turn.

We're talking "Rompola buck" size inside spreads here over 21 inches between the two main beams. It's hard to find a buck that wide, but Realtree's Bill Jordan seems to be good at finding bucks of this caliber down in South Texas.

In this classic "Monster Bucks" video from 1997, Jordan spots a buck with jaw-droppingly wide antlers. Fortunately for him, the buck is headed right his way. Watch as he drops this beast with a well-placed shot.

The small bodies of those Texas whitetails made this buck look like a new world record strolling across the dry desert grass. It isn't until Jordan is standing over it that you get a good idea of how big this buck is. That's not to discount it in any way either. This is still one heck of a buck that any hunter would want to shoot! I have this hunt on DVD, and it's still a classic today, as much as it was back then.

Remember how we mentioned the Rompola buck earlier? This buck's antlers really remind us of that legendary whitetail. That is, if you believe the stories about it. There is no question with this deer however, this buck is the real McCoy and we must believe the inside spread is over 22 inches here. Note that the spread between the ears of an average whitetail buck is around 16 inches and this buck is way past the ears on both sides. That makes the decision to take this deer an easy one.

Realtree doesn't state how wide this buck was, but we must believe it was in the 23-24 inch range. The camo company put out another video about a year ago showcasing a different buck that they stated was Jordan's widest at 24 inches, so we know this buck had to be close to that.

Awesome buck Bill, we enjoyed this walk down memory lane with a classic Realtree video.

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