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Wide-Antlered Deer's Tunnel Vision for Doe Leads Him to Within Feet of Hunter

This young six-point buck walked right into a hunter using a ground blind, and then this happened.

Remember when we didn't have to worry about scent control, being in the line of sight of a deer's vision, or making a noise that would spook them? Yeah, we don't either.

The beauty of deer hunting comes from the fact that we never know what we're going to get. Sometimes the deer are so uptight, they can sense us coming as soon as we open the door of the truck, and other times they do things like this young buck just did.

The fact remains that despite our best efforts, whitetail deer just don't always do what we expect them to do. It's times like these that you can only sit back, enjoy the scenery, and have a good laugh, just like this.

This buck was so in love...he didn’t even realize he got shot! 😂

Posted by Tyson Saville on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

And just like that: Boom!

Sometimes deer, even bucks, do the dumbest things and all we can do is laugh.

Maybe there is a hunter out there that would've actually shot that buck, but most of us would have done the same thing: let him grow up.

That guy could have been wearing high-tech camo, or maybe that was just an immature deer. Either way, when you get that close to a wild animal that doesn't know you're there, just take it all in and have some fun!

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Wide-Antlered Deer's Tunnel Vision for Doe Leads Him to Within Feet of Hunter