Why Redneck Mini Blinds Would Be Perfect for Your Cat

My cat is the reason I never get my security deposit back. 

Of all the apartments I've rented in my life, there is one thing I always have to replace: my window blinds. My cat Mishka loves being near the window and it doesn't matter where the window is, or how high it is in the apartment, she will make her way onto the window sill and between the window blinds, breaking them in the process.

There have been many security deposits that have not been fully returned due to broken window blinds. Plus, replacing them yourself isn't the cheapest or easiest option either.

This was such a constant issue in my life that it deserved a meme.

cat in blinds

But redneck mini blinds might be the solution. Not only would they be cleaner than plastic blinds, and easily replaceable, but they would also provide endless entertainment for my cat. It's a win-win.

What an easy project. Just put five rolls, or however many you need to cover the whole window. Your cat will have easier access to the window sill, and they can play with the hanging toilet paper to stay occupied.

When they rip up the toilet paper, just tear it off and pull down a new strip.

Visitors may make fun of you, and call you a redneck, but it will save you money in the end when you don't have to replace your window blinds every time you move out. No more dusting, and no more sharp, broken metal that can be a hazard for pets or babies in the house.

If you really think they are ugly, you can color them with spray paint or marker to put a splash of color in the home!

What do you think of redneck mini blinds? Tell us in the comments below. 

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