The Main Reasons Why Autonomous Cars are Unnecessary, in Less Than 250 Words

The concept of autonomous cars is, at best, flawed.

Humans are lazy creatures, and this is the latest in an endeavor to be even lazier. Over a hundred years ago we invented the car, mainly because we were lazy.

In that time frame, we've gotten even lazier, and now we want this car to drive us around.

That's daft. The most important component of any car? The driver.

While we are flawed creatures, it is an awful idea to put our lives in the hands of a computer without emotional or moral capacity. When the inevitable accidents happen, fingers will be pointed. Can you picture the first traffic court case of man vs. robot?

If self driving cars are theoretically programmed to not hit pedestrians, how will you get down busy, downtown streets with lots of foot traffic? If they need all these hi-tech gadgets and computers, what happens if the battery dies?

Consider the very real possibility of autonomous cars being hacked. Manufacturers can talk about how great and safe their software is, but if the Pentagon was able to get hacked, so can your electric Smart Car.

The thought of that is extremely worrisome.

If you remove the human element to driving and add a computer, you get a boring box of eternal danger.

We should have quit when we were ahead, but now the machines are getting the best of us.