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#WhitetailWednesday: Watch 12 Great Deer Rescues Caught on Video

These are some of the best whitetail rescues of recent memory.

We all love whitetails, and sometimes they find themselves in a jam and need help.  For today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're bringing you some of the best whitetail rescues ever caught on video.

12. Hammock buck

Once the rut hits, bucks can do some dumb things. Getting caught in a hammock is one of them. Thankfully, this Kansas game warden was there to free him.

11. Storm drain fawn

This one is just too darn adorable. New Jersey Police Officer Tim Majek, better known to his co-workers as "the deer whisperer," goes down into a drain to pull this bleating fawn out.

10. Cistern rescue

These bucks found themselves stuck in an old cistern in Ohio and only the police department can get them out. This big hole has since been covered to prevent this from happening again.

9. Fence rescue

These police officers made ingenious use of a car jack to help ease the tension that was holding this deer's foot in a fence in Iowa.

8. Glock Rescue

These two bucks were locked up in Coffey County, Kansas and only a well-placed shot from Game Warden Lynn Koch's Glock can free them.

7. Circling coyotes

This one is much more hands-on. Two bucks are locked up and one is already dead. Hungry coyotes are circling the area. These hunters use a little old-fashioned elbow grease to muscle their antlers free and save the live buck from a similar fate.

6. Dog Rescue

It is not always a human that makes a rescue. In this video that went viral this summer, a dog swims out to pull in a fawn that's struggling in the water.

5. Another fence rescue

Unfortunately, fences and other barriers made by humans can be dangerous obstacles for many deer. Thankfully for this one, a family happened to come along and help him get free.

4. Barbed wire deathmatch

Oh, brother. This doe has really gotten herself into a pickle. She's wrapped in barbed wire and only humans with wire cutters can get her free. The sounds this doe makes are straight out of a horror movie. I'd probably sound the same if I was wrapped in barbed wire like this!

3. Pool fawn

There was no way this poor fawn was going to find its way out of a pool on its own. So it's up to a human to jump in and get it!

2. Saw

Another locked buck story. These guys make use of a bone saw to free the one buck that's still alive in another life-or-death struggle.

1. Glock Part II

Freeing locked bucks with a handgun is apparently a specialty of the Kansas game wardens. This video was the second of three such rescues wardens have made in a year's time!

There is certainly no shortage of great deer rescue stories out there. Whitetails always seem to be getting themselves into trouble. Thankfully, the quick actions in these videos meant these animals were spared from long, slow and agonizing deaths!