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#WhitetailWednesday: New York Man Shoots Unique Piebald Buck

A man has a bittersweet hunt for one unique buck.

We've got one of the first piebald deer harvest stories of the season, and this one is a good one. New York bowhunter Dannon Lamphier will never forget October 9 anytime soon.

That's because the day started off on a horrible note with the passing of his 87-year-old grandmother Lora Oles. She had been battling cancer.

"We knew she didn't have much time and we all got together the day before and said our goodbyes," Lamphier told NewYorkUpstate.com "I worked the day she died. When I got home at 5:00 p.m. I called my mom to see if she was OK. I didn't feel (my grandmother) would want us to grieve. I said to myself, 'You know what? I'm still going to go hunting.' So I did."

He had no idea he was set for an unforgettable encounter with a familiar buck. Lamphier had seen and shot and missed the piebald the year before on his in-law's property.

The buck defied all survival odds with his unique coat, and was a larger buck this year. It seems like it was meant to be, because Lamphier spotted the buck on the neighbor's property when he arrived at his hunting spot.

The piebald buck worked his way along a ditch to Lamphier's stand where he presented a 13-yard shot for Lamphier and his compound bow.

He found the buck after a 150-yard tracking job. The harvest no doubt made a most difficult day much more bearable.

For such a unique harvest, Lamphier has decided to go with a full body mount, which only seems appropriate for such a memorable and meaningful harvest.

This is the first piebald or albino deer harvest we've heard of this year at Wide Open Spaces. Keep it here as we bring you the news on every unique harvest like this throughout the season!