#WhitetailWednesday: 9 Hunters Who Were Spoiled for Life by a Record-Size First Buck

These hunters were spoiled for life after shooting first bucks that were world-class.

There's something special about every hunter's first buck. It's the one hunt every hunter will never forget. Many hunters end up shooting a fairly small buck for their first deer. Some of us shoot a fairly nice one the first time around. I'm fortunate enough to fall in the latter group there. And, I'm sure you know a hunter or two who's done the same.

Then there are hunters who shoot a buck so big for their first deer, there's almost no chance of ever topping it. It's like hitting the lottery. They are spoiled for life. For today's #WhitetailWednesday, here are nine hunters who hit the jackpot the first time.

The Wayne Bills Buck

Wayne Bills may be the luckiest hunter ever. His first buck wasn't just big, it was almost a typical world record! Bills shot the monster buck on an Iowa deer drive back in 1974. Obviously, Wayne had no clue what he had just done when he harvested this deer.

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For some reason, Boone and Crockett didn't officially panel-score this buck until 1991. And, it shocked the world when the score came back at a stunning 201 4/8 inches.

There's been a lot of speculation over the buck's broken left brow tine. Some believe the buck could've lost 4 inches or more from the break, which would have put it in contention with James Jordan's buck, which was the world record at the time.

The Jenna Perryman Buck

first buck

How do you spoil yourself for life? Well, you could just shoot a buck grossing 178 inches as your first deer. That is exactly what 11-year-old Jenna Perryman did in 2016. At first, Jenna wasn't even planning on hunting Missouri's youth season. But, a trip to the range helped her build her confidence and she headed out with her father, David.

At first Jenna was going to shoot a doe, but then her dad spotted the monster buck right behind the doe. Jenna made a perfect shot, and the father and daughter made one heck of a hunting memory for life. It's extremely unlikely she'll ever top this buck, but at least she shot it at a young age, so she'll have plenty of years to try!

The Kyle Simmons Buck

Kyle Simmons had taken some deer prior to 2008, but only with a firearm. He hadn't had any success with a bow. The buck he ended up taking that year, his first with archery equipment, spoiled him on bowhunting forever. He took was an awesome 28-pointer scoring a staggering 275 5/8 inches!

As if that wasn't enough of a feat, the monster buck became the state record for a deer taken with a bow. How on earth does one ever top that?

The Jeff Kaser Buck

Much like the story of the Simmons buck, 17-year-old Jeff Kaser had never shot a whitetail with a bow. In 2003, he got permission to hunt a piece of land close to home. What Kaser didn't know was there was a world-class buck on the property that the landowner was aggressively pursuing.

On Oct. 27, 2003 Kaser successfully arrowed the buck, a 27-pointer that scored a whopping 244 inches, making it the second-largest non-typical ever taken by a hunter in Ohio. We're not sure what he'll ever do to follow this buck up, but we wish him luck in doing it!

The Brad Julien Buck

You know your first buck is a good one when it goes viral all over the internet! That is exactly what happened with Julien's awesome Oklahoma non-typical in 2016. The awesome buck definitely stands out in a crowd due to a world-class basic 3x3 frame with an unreal amount of mass and sticker points.

This buck scored 216 1/8 inches and was the envy of veteran hunters everywhere.

The Mitch Vakoch Buck

Mitch Vakoch was just 17 years old in 1974 when he became another hunter who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, setting a state record with his first deer ever. No big deal, right?

Not many people get the chance to say their first deer was a 43-pointer. Heck, most of us will never get to say we shot a buck like that period! This massive non-typical buck scored 268 5/8 inches. Talk about beginners luck!

The Ella Sander Buck

Many hunters spend hours on a stand daydreaming of just seeing, let alone shooting a buck that grosses over 200 inches. Ella Sander won't need to daydream, thought, because she already did it the opening day of Wisconsin's 2017 firearm deer season!

Sander's awesome whitetail grossed a whopping 210 inches. What does she do for an encore now?

The Audrey Sharp Buck

We're not sure if you can call it beginner's luck with Audrey Sharp's first buck because it did come in her third year of hunting back in 2011. But, it's undeniable that she'll have a hard time topping a buck that has a little bit of everything a hunter could ever want in a big buck.

The monster scored a whopping 249 1/8 inches, making it one of the biggest bucks killed in Indiana that year.

The Millvale Monster

It isn't uncommon for a new hunter to go years before shooting their first buck. But Maine's Ben Thibodeau didn't even SEE a deer the first two years he hunted. As frustrating as that probably is, it probably made his first successful hunt even more satisfying. His wait ended in 2015, though when he dropped a double-drop-tine 19-pointer for his first deer ever!

The buck was known well by locals as well as the landowner of the property, who called it the Millvale Monster. The buck later scored 189 inches.