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Maine Deer Hunter Astounds with 19-Point ‘Millvale Monster’

Bangor Daily News

Bucksport, Maine’s opening day was a little more spectacular for one hunter who bagged his very first deer: the 19-point ‘Millvale Monster.’

For Ben Thibodeau of Brewer, Maine, deer hunting has been a short and uneventful undertaking.

A hunter that hasn’t gotten a deer in only the first two years he’s ever hunted wouldn’t be all that hard to believe, but as Thibodeau said of his hunting spot, “The last two years, I never saw a deer on that property”

As deer hunters know all that can change in a heartbeat. Being in the right place at the right time can mean as much to hunting success as anything, and Ben Thibodeau was about to find out how true that really rings.

Thibodeau and his father-in-law Byron Dill had hunted the same property in Bucksport, owned by a mutual friend, in the past and had taken up positions in ground blinds about 150-yards apart.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When a sound caught in his ears, he peered out from the blind and it was game time.

“There’s what looks like a patch of goldenrod or something, and then it kind of flinched,” said Thibodeau, “so I knew it was a deer.”

Once he saw antlers, a lot of antlers, he took the shot. After seeing another head pop up, he realized that there was more than one deer. Dill had seen the action from his blind and touched off a round as well, but it was Thibodeau’s shot that hit the mark.

As many hunters do, they met up after shooting to compare notes. That’s when they saw something sticking up out of grass.

“I started pumping my fist — ‘Yeah! We got one!’” the smiling Thibodeau said. “We both get to the deer at the same time and (his father-in-law says) a couple of expletives.”

The big buck had a live weight of 250 pounds; 197.8 dressed including the heart. Dill feels the buck is a 19-pointer all the way while Thibodeau thinks that one point on the rack wasn’t long enough to count making it 18.

Bangor Daily News
Bangor Daily News

Their friend, the landowner, said it all after laying his eyes on the bruiser: “Holy [expletive], you got the Millvale Monster!”

That seemed to be the resounding feeling in town and at the tagging station as many locals wanted to take pictures in awe. Over 15 different people from the area told Thibodeau that it is the biggest deer with the biggest rack that they have ever seen.

Big congratulations are in order for this fortunate hunter. Well done!


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Maine Deer Hunter Astounds with 19-Point ‘Millvale Monster’