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Dad Removes Son's Pesky Loose Tooth With the Help of a Compound Bow

This young man looked quite nervous as his dad arrowed his loose tooth right towards the target.

Anytime that a child has a loose tooth it can be viewed two ways: a daunting, stressful task, or a chance to find some kind of magical way to make it disappear.

This dad seems to have talked his son into one of the more interesting and high-speed ways of making said loose tooth go away.

At first, the look on the lad's face will tell you that he is willing, but perhaps a little apprehensive, about the whole affair. Once his tooth is actually gone you might see just a little mystery traveling through his young mind.

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His dad may have to tell him that it's all over, or as one commenter said, "The tooth fairy might have a tough time finding that one."

He flinched just a tiny bit and it was over! There may be nothing better for a child around that age to suddenly have a small bloody hole where there was once a bothersome tooth.

While we have seen this form of "tooth removal" before, we don't recommend tying your child's tooth to an arrow and then launching it from a compound bow.

It's just that if you do it of your own volition, take some video like this one and make your kid famous! It's always a treat to see the fascinating ways that sportsmen and women use their outdoor gear.

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