When the Water Monsters Attack... Respect Their Home, or Else!

It seems many enter the water thinking they're atop the food chain... think again.

If some of the water's biggest and deadliest creatures needed anymore respect... this video of attacks ought to do the trick.

Sharks, gators, eels, squids, seals, and many more. This video shows you that sometimes you just need to respect the home of these potentially deadly animals. This combination of close calls and attacks will leave you on the edge of your set.

Talk about intense.

Words to the wise: know your surroundings when entering the water and know you are in their home. For anyone of those that are already terrified of the ocean, I am sorry, you should have not watched this.

Hopefully you aren't about to head to the beach for vacation either.

This video is the reason many people just stay on land.

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