When Fly Casting Practice Turns Into Lizard Fishing

All bets are off when a lizard tries to chase down your practice fly on the driveway.

Sometimes you just have one of those days. You're trying to work on some fly casting, when a lizard jumps in to try and chase down your casting dummy.

While it's not always easy to have the time to practice like we should these days, especially for fly fishermen, it seems like we have more time now than we would like.

Well, why not get out on the driveway or the front yard and make some throws?

If you're like the rest of us crazed fisherman, you'll even think that there may be a chance to hook up. Well, this is why we think that there's a fish—or a lizard—in every water hole.

Or in this case, every driveway.

We're pretty sure that fellow was a veteran fly fisherman by his casting skill, not to mention the quality fishing glasses and the tarpon t-shirt. It looked like a simple case of using his spare time to ply his favorite pastime and get some practice in, but when that reptile showed up it was almost 'lizard on!'

We'll have to remember this the next time that we're in lizard country, but that won't stop us from the desire to cast, on the contrary- it just proves what we've known all along: that there's a fish (or a lizard) anywhere and everywhere we cast!

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