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South Carolina Man Grabs Rattlesnake From River, Gets Bitten

rattlesnake bite

A 28-year-old man received anti-venom after a rattlesnake bit him several times.

Kyle Colquitt laughingly described his beloved brother, Michael Adams as "a glorious idiot."

Adams was a part of a group of kayakers enjoying their annual paddling trip down the Edisto River. Someone in the bunch thought that they saw an alligator and turned to avoid it, but Adams was gung-ho to grab the reptile.

However, it turned out to be a rattlesnake, which subsequently bit him three times on the hand.

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If you watched the whole video, it's incredible that the one house they approached for help had a resident who was an active EMS first responder!

Adams' hands, neck and arms were all beginning to swell up, signifying the grave danger he was in.

After spending several days in the ICU, Adams is now recovering from the bites.

"I would hope that he learned some kind of lesson from it, I really do," said another one of his brothers, Jesse "Cody" Adams. "But I doubt it."

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South Carolina Man Grabs Rattlesnake From River, Gets Bitten