What's the Best Freshwater Fishing Lure?

If you had to pick just one to fish with, what would it be?

The debate over the best freshwater fishing lure has been raging for a lot longer than you or I have been fishing. It doesn't always come out in that form. The question is most commonly framed, "If I had to pick one lure to fish with for the rest of my life, what would it be?"

Well, I'm going to answer that for you. I'll also tell you why.

Most of you are reading this are thinking: "Well, it depends on the species". You might be right, but I'm going to pick the best multi-species lure for freshwater. If you have this in your tackle arsenal you already know that this thing just catches fish. Doesn't matter what you are after, where you fish, or how you fish it, you will get bit.

I won't make you work for it and guess any longer, the best lure is the Blakemore Road Runner. The lure is so versatile it comes in several different setups for you to tailor your success. You can have a maribou, twister tail, tube, or swimming bodies. I've fished with all of them and they all work.

Image via Blakemore

You can't fish this bait wrong as long as you fish it slow. A straight retrieve or slow jig it just works. Many a crappie has fallen victim to this deadly presentation. Bass love to hit this lure as they can't resist the flash. Pike seem to go out of its way to kill this lure, and not just the small ones. Jig it across sandy bottoms and you're sure to hit a small mouth. One of my good friends largest small mouth was caught this way. The bass in my author's photo was hooked on a road runner. Here's Jimmy Houston's take on a road runner as well:

Even Jimmy mentions you will catch some really nice bass on this lure. The lure just works and you barely have to do anything. This is the ideal lure for the beginner or expert angler. If you want to go out and have a good time, tie on a road runner and catch fish.