FULL REVIEW: CleanShot, the Load That Cleans Your Gun While You Shoot

This new product lets you clean your gun in the best possible way.

If you haven't seen it, there's a product out there that lets you clean your shotgun by loading a shell and pulling the trigger. Don't believe me? Watch the video here. Personally, it still sounded too good, too cool, and too easy to be true. So, I had to order a few rounds from Huntego to try them out.

I wanted to give it more of a test than what the video above shows. So, to test out CleanShot I loaded up my 12 gauges, and laid out some lead. The product claims to work on smooth and rifled bores and for whatever shot I send down range. To test the gamut of hunting rounds I filled up the magazine tube (five rounds) with each of the following:

  • Estate 2 3/4" 8 shot target load
  • Winchester Super - X Double 00 Buck at 2 3/4"
  • Winchester XPERT High Velocity Steel shot (size 6 shot) at 2 3/4"
  • Winchester Super-X Turkey Loads 3" (size 5 shot)
  • Remington Slugger Rifled Slugs 2 3/4"
  • Winchester BRI 3" Sabot Slugs

Once I emptied the gun, I would send a round of CleanShot through with a dry patch to see how clean the barrel was. In the first round, I sent a dry patch down for your viewing pleasure of how dirty my gun was. As shown below, it's more than a little dirty.

dirty patch

I fired the first CleanShot through and couldn't believe the results. I quit running dry patches before I fired the CleanShot just in case I was cleaning up the barrel before I shot the round. It didn't matter. CleanShot took everything I threw at it and made my barrels shine. Rifled barrel or smooth barrel, my gun was clean.

Before and After

If you get nothing else from this article, it  should be that CleanShot just works, and works damn well. When you are shooting trap all day, on a long upland bird hunt, or exposing your gun to a harsh environment it is worth it to have CleanShot with you to keep your gun clean. If you are backpack hunting and ounces equal pain, you save weight and space using CleanShot and not bringing a cleaning kit. Still clean the rest of your gun when you get home. The CleanShot is also a relief to shoot, after rapid firing the 3" turkey loads (which admittedly was stupid on my part) firing the CleanShot was a blissful reprieve.

Product Info

The one of a kind "shoot-through" gun bore field cleaning product shoots the cleaning product through at 9,600 PSI. Enough force to collect and blast out particles. The shot power scrubs the bores surface and wipes it clean with the convenient pull of a trigger.

While currently only available in 12 gauge the product line is growing. As of the time of this writing the 20 gauge variation will be available for purchase within 2 months. The 410 will immediately follow. Huntego is not stopping with shotguns either. The company is in development for products in 9MM, 7MM and .40. I can't wait.