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The Gummy Worm Challenge Just Got HUGE

An infamous fishing challenge just got bigger.

At this point, we have all heard of people fishing with gummy worms. They work with a lifelike action, and bass bite them. What happens if you want to go after bigger fish? Bigger bait means big fish, right? Watch the video to see what happens.

It's a miracle those kids didn't get a stomachache to go with that sugar crash. At least they had a blast and a great conversation starter. Think about when those kids go to school: "My dad took me fishing and we got to eat the bait!"

That's going to be an interesting phone call from the teacher.

I do think the next time I go fishing I'm bringing some gummy bears. Those channel cats where hammering that bait. I am disappointed that the nothing hit the giant gummy worm, but it looked like they had plenty of leftovers.


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The Gummy Worm Challenge Just Got HUGE