Man Shoots Himself in the Face... Without a Gun

That's why you don't play with live munitions.

Eugene Oregon police were dispatched to handle a very interesting incident. A man had managed to shoot himself in the face. Somehow, this feat was accomplished without the use of a firearm.

The police report that the man was standing on Highway 99 North with the bullet in his hand. Which raises a few questions in my mind. The biggest being why was he hanging onto an unspent round? Without the use of a gun, the .22 bullet went into the man's cheek. The man was taken to RiverBend hospital where he was treated for non-fatal wounds. The wounded man's identity was not released.

"This is what happens when people handle ammunition and they shouldn't be." said Sgt. Dale Dawson of the Eugene Police Department. "This is part of the reason they tell parents to keep ammunition out of the hands of kids,  'cause things can happen."

It is still unknown what exactly caused the round to go off, although you can supposedly hit a round hard enough and it will fire. I doubt that is what happened in this scenario, as the bullet was in his hand at the time.

The good news in this scenario is that the wounds sustained from this accident were not life threatening. This should be taken as a lesson that every round is dangerous and should be treated as so.