Hammerless Revolvers
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What's So Cool About Hammerless Revolvers?

It seems hammerless revolvers are everywhere nowadays.

Despite the downtick in gun sales nationwide since the last Presidential election, self-defense has never been more of a hot topic. Concealed carry firearms are still some of the most searched weapons on the Internet and hammerless revolvers are right up there near the top.

There's a a variety of reasons why these guns are so special. With that said, some people hate them. However, just like anything in life, it's all about different strokes for different folks. If self-defense and ease of use is something you're looking for, there's not much of a better option.

The small frame of most conceal carry guns is what makes them so intriguing to many. They can be hidden on a person's body in a variety of ways. Even though semi-automatic pistols may be the gun of choice for most, you have to admit a wheel gun just feels right in certain aspects.

Gun reviews show a pretty even split when comparing the two. When it comes down to it, any gun is better than nothing in a life-or-death situation. A revolver, though, is just a simple point-and-shoot weapon with a very low failure rate. It's almost impossible to make one jam, and they come in a variety of size options.

Most gun enthusiats all have their favorties makes from Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and even the old-fashioned American Colt. There are even options for magnum rounds as well as adjustable trigger pulls to customize the shooting experience. With all of these options available, what's so special about a hammerless revolver? Well, let's dig in.

The Perfect Carry Gun

First off, hammerless revolvers are not actually hammerless. Instead, the hammer is just found inside the frame of the gun itself and inaccessible to the shooter. This simple feature is what allows these double-action revolvers to be smoothly pulled out of a pocket or holster for quick access.

There's no risk of snagging the hammer on a pocket, belt or coat that's often the main concealer of the weapon. The barrel length is also normally very small and snubby. This doesn't mean these guns don't pack a punch, though. Hammerless revolvers can be found in all your favorite calibers from .22 LR, to .38 Special, and all the way up to a .357 Magnum.

As you may guess, most pocket-carry guns aren't meant to fire all day at the range. Yes, you should be very familiar with how your gun fires as well as the weight of the trigger pull. But for the most part, these are strictly designed for self-defense at very close range. Firing off a few quick shots in a moment's notice is the goal. Firing more than 10 yards down range is a little impractical in a real-life scenario.

The ease of use of these guns is what makes them such a choice for those who aren't gun experts. Simply put in the ammo, point and then shoot. That's about all there is to it. Some, like my wife, find the actual cocking of a single-action handgun somewhat intimidating. This is why she prefers to keep one of these next to the bed on her side. A Ruger LCR also happens to be her carry gun of choice when she decides to take it with her.


There are more hammerless revolvers on the market today than you can shake a stick at. The only way to really find one for yourself is to go to a gun store, hold them, fire them and find the one that speaks to you.

Prices all vary, but for a couple hundred bucks, you could be well on your way to owning and carrying one of these in no time.

As you'll see, the big dogs in the market are the Ruger and the Smith & Wesson, however, this where it's encouraged to play around. Look at ammo prices. Look at the weights of the gun. Try to decide how you would want to carry it.

If it's going to go in your pocket, look at the smaller options. If it's going to go in a holster or a purse, then go big with the .357 Magnum.

In the end, this is the best feature of these pocket cannons. The sky is the limit on choices and calibers. It's all a preference on how you want to handle it. Regardless of the decision, the ease of use and peace of mind they provide far outweighs the price it may take to get one.